Organisational Consultancy


Mental Health is now firmly on the national agenda, and with increased awareness the population are becoming more accepting of mental health issues and may find it easier to seek  help. 

However, there is still stigma around the subject, and people will often try to carry on, ignoring their symptoms and warning signs until they need intervention. This of course, can be of significant impact on the individual, potentially affecting self esteem, relationships, daily life as well as their capacity to work. Thus, leading to situations for you as their employer to manage.

Embedding proactive behaviours around mental health has the potential to maintain a healthy workforce and productivity rather than employees hiding  their struggles, manifesting in sickness absence.

I have designed and delivered many workshops on issues such as Sleep, Stress Management, Positive Coping with Longterm Health Conditions, Self Soothing and Relaxation Skills, Mindfulness and a 5 day programme entitled ‘Stop & Go’ for clients dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

To support an organisations proactive approach to mental health I can deliver workshops, provide experiential learning and if required offer onsite or off site 1:1 therapy sessions.

Workshops can be tailored to your requirements and may be provided as a standalone model, or for example quarterly workshops and updates to support your employees. 

Through providing mental health workshops and information to your employees you are demonstrating your commitment to their mental wellbeing as well as your own!

If you would like to explore this further with me, please contact me on 07761 621874 or