You may have been experiencing difficulties for some time and have tried to carry on but have come to a point where you realise they need addressing.  This can be a big step for anyone as we're often programmed to 'just get on with it'!  Or, perhaps something in the here and now may be causing you distress and impacting on you emotionally and physically.

Understanding and accepting that you need support in working through issues is fundamental in identifying and achieving changes and goals.  But, we can often feel 'stuck' and don't know where or how to start.

Issues can be current, here and now problems which are causing and exacerbating stress and anxiety: you may be experiencing loss or trying to make sense of longer term issues or trauma. You may be feeling overwhelmed or confused with unfamiliar or powerful feelings and symptoms which can lead to scare and avoidance.

Have you found that self-limiting beliefs have hampered you in life, you have struggled to achieve goals due to internalised messages about yourself?

Many people at some point in their lives struggle with mental health challenges, and you can choose to try and ignore them hoping they may 'go away' or you can choose to seek support on working through them to gain or regain your equilibrium.